First Swiss medical-cosmetic luxury care

cell premium combines the impressive performance of medical cosmetics with the best principles of cosmetics - for immediately noticeable and visible skin success. Selected plant stem cells from apple, grape, argan and alpine rose are created in a patented Swiss production process to create a particularly gentle and skin-friendly texture that activates, protects and regenerates the skin's stem cells.

Plant stem cells with a unique concept

Thanks to a patented Swiss process, the cell premium products contain up to five times more plant stem cells.  Only cell premium uses PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny, an exclusive active ingredient that reaches, activates and protects both superficial epidermal and deeper dermal stem cells.

Youthful skin a liftime.

Holistic medical cosmetics

At the highest level, Med Beauty Swiss offers products, effective treatments and services for medical cosmetics, developed by dermatologist Dr. med. Harald Gerny.

The primary goal of Med Beauty Swiss is to achieve skin success as gently and quickly as possible according to the customer's wishes. Med Beauty Swiss therefore works with an integrated approach to medical cosmetics and offers skin care lines for many skin situations: The products and treatments are effective, compatible, tested and safe. Their development is based on scientific findings regarding the effects and efficacy enhancing combinations of the ingredients.

Med Beauty Swiss stands for effective medical cosmetics, manufactured in Switzerland since 1991.

TEAM DR JOSEPH - Hightech Natural Cosmetics


In the 21st century, top performance comes only from professional teams - we are convinced of that. Day one, we follow our pioneering claim to combine cosmetics, high-tech, nature and aesthetics in unique quality:
Hightech Natural Cosmetics, for a new generation of skin care.

TEAM DR JOSEPH means 100% nature and effect in every can:

  • Noticeable instant effect
  • High-tech natural cosmetics
  • Holistic treatment in another dimension
  • Sustainable, respectful treatment of nature
  • Organic certified active cosmetics


Quality has always been accepted as a concept of luxury and also gets in the coming years. The focus is clearly shifting from prestige & image to quality of life, Aesthetics & Design. Emotional values overtake purely materialistic ones. Experiences such as travel and food are transformed into sustainable luxury consumer goods.

Unique treatment rituals adapted to the needs of the patient, which make it possible to experience the increasingly scarce time in a high-quality way, are becoming more and more important.

For the guests of tomorrow, health-oriented, relevant and tailor-made offers become not only in the spa sector of irreplaceable importance.

UNG - for your personal make-up


UNG (translated: young) Cosmetics from Holland is a make-up brand for people who are conscious of their appearance and are looking for the best products for their personal style.

UNG is authentic, puristic and innovative.  Be different with UNG.